November 5, 2017

Holiday season

The sequel of The Dark Side of Joy is (finally) up on The book is called 'The Last Dragon' and follows the exploits of Alan Smith (aka: Rat) in his late teen years. The story line of the new novel follows the outlaw motorcycle and underground martial art worlds as they were in the San Francisco Bay Area of the early 1970's.

I feel compelled to mention that while both books are based on fact and follow the nefarious exploits of my early years, they remain works of fiction. No need to inform the police folks… nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Product information for each book can be found by clicking on the 'News' menu tab above. As a limited promotion, I am offering a way for my readers to receive a signed copy of The Last Dragon. Information regarding how to get your signed copy can also be found on the 'News' page.

As always, I greatly appreciate your reviews on Amazon. These are important because the more positive reviews I get, the higher my work raises in the Amazon search results. For me, writing is only about the joy that comes from sharing my stories, so the more readers I have, the happier I get.

Thank you to everyone who read The Dark Side of Joy, and I hope you go on to enjoy The Last Dragon as well.

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