May 28, 2018

Summer at last.

A big THANK YOU to those that have enjoyed my Outlaw Series books, Dark Side of Joy and the Last Dragon, and a huge wet kiss to those who were kind enough to leave reviews on Amazon. As an unknown independent author, it's really tough to go up against the big-boys, and your reviews help level the playing field.

Clicking the Outlaw image on the upper right will take you to the series page on Amazon.

I've just released the first in a series of five science fiction novels that deal with the inevitable extinction of our species; the title of the first book is Departure. You can find more about that offering by clicking on the 'News' tab near the top of this page. Clicking the Departure image at the lower right will take you to that book's page on Amazon.

If I haven't said it enough already, reviews on Amazon are really appreciated. The Amazon search engine uses an algorithm cryptically called the 'A9' that uses keywords in the product AND reviews when deciding which products to display. While I determine the keywords, I have no control over reviews – that's where you come in.

With that said though, what it's really all about is sharing my stories; financial gain plays absolutely no role. If you've enjoyed reading what I have to offer, please tell your friends.

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