May 1, 2017


This site is still devoted to my travels on Indian Motorcycles across the US, and as it was before, other nonsense sneaks in now and then regarding odd people I've encountered and martial arts.

Recently, I had my first book published on Amazon!

The Dark Side of Joy is only a moderate departure from some of the stranger tales I've told on this site, so if you've enjoyed what you've read here in the past, I hope you'll give it a look. If you enjoy the story, please take a few minutes to give me a good review on Amazon; customer reviews help to promote my book on the Amazon site.

Here's the product description of the Dark Side of Joy:

A story of survival…

Twelve-year-old Alan Smith had everything going for him; he was athletic, popular, and excelled scholastically. The only problem was that his parents were criminals. The lies he was forced to tell to protect his parents isolated him; his entire life was based on deception.

On April 23, 1967, the lies ended. That night, the police kicked in the door to his home and took his parents away. With that, every relationship in his life fell apart. His extended family abandoned him out of shame, and friendships based on dishonesty crumbled and collapsed. Alan soon found himself homeless and alone.

What follows is an odyssey of the human spirit. Alan will learn to survive the loss of friends, juvenile detention, foster care, and finally life with other lost children selling drugs on the street for an outlaw motorcycle club. As he struggles to cope within increasingly hostile environments, dealing with abandonment, murder, mindless violence, and extreme brutality, he adapts, evolves, and in the end, becomes someone new.

Alan finds hope amid all his suffering when he meets Swan, his first true love. It is through this romance that Alan learns the greatest and most difficult lesson of all, that there is a dark side to joy.